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  • Inspiring Fitness Design Creates World-Class Results

    Design details matter when you’re creating premium fitness experiences that stand above the crowd.

  • Fitness At Its Finest

    There’s nothing like working out with a high-rise view of Los Angeles spread out beneath you. Check out this sophisticated fitness center upgrade.

  • Gorgeous Fitness Facility Upgrade Has Residents Pumped!

    NULLCheck out the new cardio and strength options for residents of this Naples Florida community.

  • High School Training Rooms Have Come a Long Way

    We can help you ensure that every aspect of your athletic training spaces reflect team pride and inspire peak performance.

  • Fabulous Floor to Ceiling Before and After

    Check out this fully refreshed Florida fitness space transformation (say THAT five times fast).

  • Indoor Turf Options Are Trending!

    Segmenting your functional training spaces using creative fitness flooring designs can produce incredible, engaging results!

  • Combining Indoor and Outdoor Fitness to Wow ATL

    This versatile and sophisticated fitness center is a modern wellness hub for this community – it truly has it all!

  • Outdoor Fitness Flair in SoCal

    Check out this rooftop outdoor fitness space in San Diego – so much fun!

  • Full Fitness Design Makeover - Before and After

    New equipment, new layout, new flooring and completely new energy in this spectacularly upgraded fitness space.

  • Check Out This Change!

    New equipment is great, but when you punctuate progress with new flooring, the change is much more noticeable. Putting new wellness flooring into a facility can instantly make the environment healthier, safer and much more engaging.

  • Unbeatable Strength Performance Centers

    Community-building and cutting-edge combined, we love creating inclusive performance facilities that inspire visitors to help out one another and help push each other to the next limit.

  • Hitting the Weight Room

    Central Catholic High School in San Antonio hits the weight room hard, pushing performance every day with the highest quality training tools. So proud to see our work in action as part of Coach Santiago's program!

  • Collaborative Planning & Design Process

    It can take months to get every detail just right. Here's how Advanced Exercise helps to create an engaging fitness experience that your community can be proud of.

  • Advancing Your Fitness Amenities

    Leveraging advanced knowledge, design ideas, technical execution, and client-inclusive expertise to create distinct fitness and wellness spaces that are your community’s most-valued connecting points.

  • Most Impactful Equipment: Flooring

    It's the largest piece of equipment in the entire facility. Everyone benefits from performance flooring that has antimicrobial properties to keep it cleaner, that absorbs energy to keep it safer and quieter, and that enhances every aspect of the fitness experience.

  • Fitness Options for Everyone

    Weightlifting to HIIT options, part turf and part open functional space, Advanced Exercise helped create a community rec center that meets the needs of everyone. From young teams of athletes to stay-at-home moms, this is how community fitness “gets it right”!

  • Fitness & Wellness in the Workplace

    Rejuvenating health and wellness programs in the workplace can be the key to recruiting and keeping top employees. Advance your expectations for on-site fitness options and let us help you meet them. Your employees will thank you for it.

  • Winning the Amenity Wars

    Insight and experience make a world of difference when designing a distinct, high-end experience for residents. Tap into the expert team at Advanced Exercise for the latest lifestyle trends that customers want.

  • Setting a Culture of Fitness & Wellness

    With the right equipment and state-of-the-art technology to engage a diversity of interests, recreation centers are the cultural hubs of campus. With expert care, we're building community connections centered on wellness.

  • The Evolution of Fitness Design

    From one bike in the room and a television bolted to the wall, to interactive technologies that engage each and every resident, we've been involved in designing and equipping premier fitness facilities for over 30 years.

  • Fitness Lives Here

    To compete with commercial gyms, apartment fitness facilities can get creative with equipment options to seamlessly integrate a wide range of fitness interests in with community life.

  • Fit 4 Duty

    Fitness training resources are vital to the success of firefighters, police officers, EMTs, military personnel and others in tactical careers. We help keep first responder teams in shape to save lives.

  • How to Fill Your Fitness Framework

    Partnering with Advanced Exercise produces exceptional results by balancing the right selection of fitness options to meet the needs of growing communities, while staying within budget, space and time limits.

  • Activating Campus Fitness & Recreation

    Campuses are hubs of activity filled with students who use fitness and recreation amenities 24 hours a day. Floor to ceiling, we'll help you create and innovate active spaces where student communities thrive.